How many books have we all read? Tons, right? How many of those books had those unsatisfying endings? A slightly lower number of tons, I’d say. You know what I mean. The endings where the story just stops without answering anything, the ones where the focus of the last chapter seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the book, the ones where it felt like the author got an angry call from his publisher and decided to throw out the entire rhythm of the story to wrap it up. Well, having just written my first real ending, I’m all sympathy for those authors. Endings are freaking hard!

Just for my education, would you kind people please leave a comment to tell me what you like to see at the end of a story. Happy or sad? Open or wrapped up neatly? Philosophical or simple narrative? Stuff like that. Thanks!

Morning, Folks

I should be asleep right now. After all, I just finished writing Renewal 10 at 3 AM. Unfortunately, this thing >>> woke me up. No, not the tall skinny boy on the left. That’s Jay. His worst canine crime is the excessive amount of time he spends hiding behind my wife’s legs. It’s the other one. That’s Luna. She is our youngest dog, and I’d be the first to admit she is spoiled rotten. She has the run of the place. One of her many nicknames is “Queen of the Lunaverse.” It’s well earned. She has gotten better about it, but she has distinct tendency to get bored at about 5 AM. She’s deaf, which is probably the reason her insistent pleas for attention could wake something far more dead than I am in the wee hours. If the 5 AM wake up call weren’t enough, she does it again at 7, at which point it’s time to play. Yay! The real question is: If we had named her something other than Luna, would she still be nocturnal?