Early Thanksgiving

Hi folks! If you follow my blog, you’ve seen the word “thank” about a thousand times. I apologize for the repetition, but the truth is, I can’t say it enough. Here I am, writing – after only thinking about writing for most of my life. I’ve got all of you out there, involved in the conversation, posting reviews and comments, lending me your support and appreciation, and basically making it all worthwhile.

I’ve done a great many things in life, but part of me knew I was supposed to write, and now that I’m actually doing it, “thanks” is a pretty weak word to express the gratitude and fulfillment I feel. Unfortunately, they haven’t made a better word yet, so I’m taking a moment to round up all of the thank you’s to say one mighty THANK YOU to all of you.

You’ll hear it again.


4 thoughts on “Early Thanksgiving”

  1. About a week ago I took the plunge into “e-reading” with the purchase of a Kindle Fire. For the past 40+ years I’ve studied, thought about, and worked with the many issues associated with forms of writing, preservation of ideas, culture, and communication other than stone tablets, paper, and ink. With my Kindle in hand, I bought all of your Renewal stories and am consuming them one after the other. Thank you for writing these. Now to the task of replacing my thousands of volumns with bits and bytes -racing the EMP…. and building a stable power source.

    • Thank you, Elliot. It’s funny how powerful e-readers are. I’m a techie guy, but I resisted the e-reader for a long time. I love books. Now, like you, I have a strong desire to stuff my entire bookshelf into an electronic device. I’m not too sure about the Kindle’s ability to survive an EMP, so in a perfect world, we could have both. The hard question is, in a SHTF scenario, what books would you most want to save?

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