Renewal in Print

Two posts in one day. Amazing.

So, my wife and I were talking about possibilities for getting the full-novel version of Renewal printed. We’re collecting numbers from various printers. No promises here, but I would like to know if there is any interest in a trade paperback printing of Renewal in its new, expanded form. Please let me know. Thanks.


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    • Hi Melissa,

      I hesitate to say this for two reasons. 1) I may be wrong. 2) It’s totally entertaining. But, I think your phone’s auto-correct function is getting the best of you. 🙂


      PS. I’ll get your cover in the mail today.

  1. Greetings:

    Just got the kindle for turning 50. I tricked over your sersis while do my research into disaster prep. peak oil,etc kind of stuff. Excellent story and it brings me greater fear than any Stephen King Novel. paper back would be nice, but the kindle options are incredible. Thanks for the great works of the human drama.

    • Hi, Roccofire. Congratulations on the big 5-0, and the Kindle. I was one of those “it’s gotta be a real book” people until I started using an ereader. Now it’s my preferred method for most books.

      I’ve been looking at those subjects for years. Watching the trends in our society is what finally compelled me to write Renewal. The level of uncertainty and unease is very high. Now you know why this story jumped to the top of my list of stories to write.

      There are a great many apocalypse stories that are far more informative than mine. I’m more concerned with the people side of the equation, but if you are looking for the gritty details, send me an email and we can compare notes.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Hey Jim, I too would love to see Renewal in print form. I love my Kindle, but I like knowing that in the event of SHTF, I will still be able to read my favorite books. Yours will definately be on that list! Thanks for the great series. I look forward to reading your next series also!

  3. The trick is to print enough books to hold the cost per copy down, while not printing so many that a) I can’t afford the upfront costs, and b) I end up with a bunch of extras. So far, making a couple of conservative assumptions, I see about twenty copies worth of interest right now. If I print the minimum 25 copies, then I would have to charge more than I would be comfortable charging. As for my comfort level, I just act like I’m the reader and imagine what it would be worth to me. But then, I’m highly self-critical. 🙂

  4. Yes as its a Droid ,I would be tickle pink,if you could,at any price,I love books,read over 5000 books,by the time I got out of high school,like to restart my collections,and not any book do, if can be done,great,if that ok too,Melissa

  5. Jim,
    I was brought up in the world of books but I had to admit I dont like the prices and I probably would not have read the Renewal if it was only in book format.

    Good luck and keep the great work up the Renewal is awesome!

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