It’s March Already?

Hi folks! I’ve been driving some of you crazy (along with myself and my wife) waiting for Decay. There are a number of reasons I’m still working on it, but the goal is to make it as good as I possibly can. As you can probably tell from the mistakes, Renewal was a test for me. I literally spent my adult life trying to convince myself to write. I mean, I wrote, but I never let anyone read the vast majority of it. I always ran up against the voice in my head who said, “Why would anyone care what you have to say?” There it is. That’s the argument that kept me locked down for 44 years.

I made a loophole for myself by calling Renewal an experiment in ebook publishing. “Hey,” the other voice said, “If it’s just an experiment, then you can totally screw it up and still learn something.” Under this loophole, I created the mental space to travel down the roads of Coffee County. I don’t need the loophole anymore. Thanks to all of you, I can sit down to write, knowing that I have a right to be there.

The catch (there’s always a catch) is that I now regard it as a professional activity, and I go after it with professional diligence. Without boring you with the details, Decay has six times the hours and effort involved, compared to the Renewal series. It doesn’t help that all three novels are being balanced against each other, and I’m here to tell you, 800,000 words do not balance themselves.

I’d love to tell you that Decay is coming right now, but all I can honestly say is that it won’t be long now. I’m two list items away from having my final revisions complete, and there will be a couple of rounds of proofing after that. There’s no guarantee that all this work will produce a better story, but it’s my hope that you will think it’s worth the effort.

14 thoughts on “It’s March Already?”

  1. Can’t wait Jim!

    Glad you started your “experiment” with Renewal. I for one bought the first book thinking, “It’s only $0.99…If I don’t like it, I’m out a buck.” Gauging the comments on Amazon, I’d say a number of people did the same thing and you hit it out of the park. I think you got a good following now and am glad you’re giving Decay the professional diligence. I’m sure it’ll pay off in the long run.

    Thanks again and can’t wait to get my hands on Decay!


    • I got the first one for free but was very happy to pay the 99 cents each for the rest and read them all in less than a week. I can HARDLY wait for Decay!!!

  2. I can’t imagine all you go through to get these stories out of your head and into our minds….I appreciate it and am really looking forward to reading Decay.

    Thank you!

  3. Just finished renewal series, thought it was awesome… Cant wait for decay, just wish I didnt go through them so fast I couldnt put it down. Thanks for the great reading.

  4. Definitely excited for Decay. I discovered Renewal through the “its only .99 method” and blazed through them all. I could definitely see a progression and l look forward to getting more of Bill Carter’s backstory.

  5. Any recent news ? There are probably many, many people anxiously awaiting the release of Decay. It be nice to know what’s going on and when we can expect see it. This dates back 9 months !


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