Life is Like a Box of Compliments

Hey, folks! I’ve gotten some really great Amazon reviews and blog comments lately. I just wanted to offer up a loud, front-page expression of my gratitude. Thank you all!

PS. – Luna thanks you too. I told her the snacks were from you. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Life is Like a Box of Compliments”

  1. I’ve read the first four of your Renewal series and like them. The end of book four makes me wonder, however, if you are just fishing. I’ll bite, sorry to pick nits but statists are ultimately totalitarian. All of your ‘bad’ characters are statist, totalitarian, detached elites in the mold of leftists; the opposite of conservatives. I look forward to book five and suggest two blogs for you and your readers: 1. Belmont Club 2. American Thinker and 3. CafeHayek. (There is a subtle Spanish Inquisition joke in the last sentence).

    The Tea Party and OWS are not the same coin, same con. One is totalitarian the other is conservative. Regards.

  2. I’m glad you like them. You are coming at the philosophical divide from a completely different direction than I am. They are not leftist or rightist, because those distinctions mean nothing without our current political framework. They are simple models of leadership. One totalitarian, or at least feudal, and one inclusive and cooperative. Without the cooperation component, my bad guys fall apart without the leaders who keep the compulsion working. If I wanted to carry the hairball of our political system into the post-Breakdown world, you’d see me use words like leftist, rightist, liberal, conservative, Tea Party, OWS, Democrat, Republican. For me, those distinctions have become mostly meaningless.

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