Definition is Live on Amazon

Definition, a new novel set in the not-incredibly-distant and the not-overly-pessimistic future (see previous post), is now available on Amazon. This one is exclusive to Amazon, at least while I try out the Prime lending library. Special thanks to Sharon and Bob for the edits, Joe and Shawn for the feedback, and the late great Robert A. Heinlein for a spectacular idea worth borrowing.

Definition Cover Image

Definition tells the story of an ex-military pilot sneaking up on middle age. He thinks of himself as another typical “bus driver” ferrying materials and occasional passengers around the solar system, but to others, he’s something of a war hero. Twenty years earlier, in a moment of desperation, Tom Ford had a brilliant idea and delivered victory from the jaws of defeat – the potential end of humanity.

With the help of an old war buddy or two, a kid in a wheelchair, a ship named after Marilyn Monroe, an asteroid miner cast adrift, the guy who invented the key technology of the victory, and one angry ex-girlfriend, Tom finds himself drawn into a mad scramble to defend humankind against a new and ominous threat… Ourselves.

I hope you enjoy Definition.