Life Loops

Life is full of loops that we fail to notice, or filter out just to maintain our own peace. I managed to close one of those loops today, and that’s as fine a way of closing the year as I can imagine.

My mom had a friend named Linda. As a kid and a young man, I thought of Linda as a problem. She was always there, and she was an interloper from my ignorant young perspective. After my mom died, it took me a long time to realize that Linda was actually a very valuable part of my mother’s life. She was a huge supporter of my mother, who lived a life without the basic support that she should have had. Linda was that best of friends.

After my realization, I have been thinking about apologizing to Linda, and thanking her, for at least a decade. I finally found her phone number and gave her a call today. I was finally able to say what I needed to say. We went on to have a lovely conversation, and that missing piece, that open loop was closed. I feel much better just for acknowledging a very important piece of the life of a woman who deserves to be missed. Knowing that I’m not the only one who misses my mother every day is just the bonus.

Happy new year!