Good Grief, it has been awhile!

Hello, stalwart readers of this woefully neglected blog.

I’m not in the mood to make any excuses for the incredibly long time making Decay available. Part of it was entirely outside my control, but right now it’s back in my control, and I am not delivering. I’m not sure how much of my life I’m going to have to ignore to finish something I’ve called finished several times already. Rest assured my wife and editor are flogging me mercilessly to get ‘er done.

Part of it is the fact that we have no TV here at the house. Television on a 24-hour news cycle keeps me cranked on the obvious pitfalls we are experiencing in this country. It’s so far out of hand that I grieve for something that somehow continues to function like a set of lungs on a ventilator. However, without the mindless blather striking me in the forebrain, I can blithely ignore the fact that all the trends, as I see them (take that as you will), continue to look bleak. By ignoring it, I lose the fire that motivates the Renewal universe. Either we change voluntarily, or we’d better be ready for some shocking changes, because the math doesn’t add up to long future of same-old, same-old.

What happens if the three-generation status quo collapses? How many ways could that happen? How delicate is the balance between the lives we live and something entirely foreign to us? How will people react? How are they reacting now? How wealthy do you have to be to be north of the dividing line between security and being haphazardly tossed by the winds of change? What does it mean to be in a situation like the Ukranians are experiencing right now? If everything we hear about the NSA, just for example, plays out to its logical conclusion, what will our lives be like in this country, and what resemblance will it bear to the intentions of our founding fathers? How far will we let it go before we really start asking the hard questions?

Would anyone hazard a guess?