I Believe

I try to stay apolitical on the basis that American politics have become somewhat meaningless in terms of the health of our nation. Our so-called leaders are clearly not working for us. The only logical alternative is that they are total idiots, which I don”t believe is the case. Who they are working for? You guess is as good as mine. I can only offer speculation. I can firmly say that if they are interested in the health and economic future of average Americans, they are way off the rails. Of course you know this without my help, but why doesn’t everyone? Possibly because the prospect is too frightening.

My vote is meaningless, because I am only offered two viable options, which are two sides of the same fantasy coin. I can vote either way and end up with the same mathematically undeniable result. We shall continue to spend more than we have, and we shall continue to sell off everything that made this country into an economic power in the first place. Either one would eventually do us in; both in concert make it a arithmetic certainty. We are third class passengers on the Titanic.

Socially, we are no better. Racism still makes people kill. Cultural divides do the same thing, as in Chattanooga today, and our MO seems to be to bend over backwards to support any point of view, no matter how one sided and self serving. We cater to the least common denominator.

I don’t personally care of you are gay and want to get married. Go for it. We are all given the pursuit of happiness. I don’t think you are less because you are a woman, although I do think you different and that benefits all of us. I don’t care who and how you worship. I think individuals are worthy of respect until they prove otherwise. I think groups of individuals frequently shoot themselves in the proverbial foot. I think America does have a worthwhile culture even if we don’t seem to understand what it is. I think the melting pot works well for this nation, and the idea of maintaining vast swathes of foreign culture in the guise of political correctness will eventually be our undoing. That being said, I have no problem with the idea that people’s cultures are worth preserving within the framework of American culture. Where I really draw the line is any group that preaches harm to others.

Frankly, none of us has the big ANSWER. Your God, my God, another God entirely… Part of the human condition is that we don’t know, we don’t get to know, and we don’t have the answer. Therefore, as far as I can tell, your beliefs are every bit as valid as mine.

In one large segment of the world’s population, the line is crossed. There is an openly declared war, involving the destruction of our culture, Western culture in general, and in fact every culture different from their own. An ideology of domination and destruction, of harm to others. Harm in the guise of religion is a tough sell for me. I refuse to believe in that kind of God.

Our response, given our current cultural leanings, is to bend over backwards to welcome this culture, to avoid offending its practitoners. Its response is to push every advantage, to squeal discrimination at the first sign of offense, knowing full well that we’ve been trained to crumble under this logic. Its response is to infiltrate, to work its way into every level of government on a thousand year plan to slowly lever out any ideology other than its own. Given our current cultural push, we are unable to defend ourselves, to defend our culture, which we can’t even define, and to say that certain people are just not okay for us.

Of course, this whole idea is a slippery slope that could easily narrow the definition of ‘okay’ into Aryan style pogroms. However, I think it’s safe to say that if a certain group, a certain culture has openly declared its desire for our destruction, then it’s equally okay to fight back, to say that certain people are not okay for us.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “I Believe”

  1. I agree Jim. The whole culture is sick these days. People care more about how they feel than how the country is run and the future. Instant gratification is all that matters to the masses of marching morons. The movie Idiocracy was supposed to be a comedy not a future history of America. One indication of the problem is we have a President who will not even admit there is a problem with followers of a religion who seek our destruction. He called yesterdays attack just a lone wolf attack when it was a clear act of domestic terror and is being investigated by FBI as such. Then there is the Iran nuke deal with no provision for the 4 hostages being held to be released. Not a word form our dear leader on Kate Steinle the woman murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had been deported 5 times was held on a drug conviction and was to be turned over to ICE but let out due to their Sanctuary city policy and then murdered by and federal agents handgun but no words from our dear leader unlike when Mike Brown died, Freddie Gray, or Treyvon Martin.

    What do we do as a people? our leaders dont lead, all we can do is be good to each other and try to look out for one another and protect our familes as best we can I guess.

  2. Hi Jim.
    We still live in a desperate situation but now instead of finding solutions, people are turning against each other, blaming each other for their woes.
    I still say the solution will be to rebuild from the ashes….but I sure as hell don’t want to have to do that.
    Maybe, just maybe there will be someone that is not a politician to pull us up and out before we hit the mountain. I always said we need a business man to run the country as a business. Right or wrong, that is where I’m leaning…we’ve tried about everything else.
    On this anniversary of 9/11 we mourn the people, we mourn our freedom, we should be mourning the unity of America that followed that terrible day. We need that back, we need to stop thinking that our government will fix everything. We are the people. Period.

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