Haha, politics.

It would be foolish of me to pick a side in politics. No matter who I pick, somebody would be offended enough that I fail to sell a few books. Nevertheless, I will take a position. I cannot vote for Hillary, for the simple fact that she has proven herself to be completely untrustworthy to me. She is a paragon of attracting power and money to herself. The fact that I trend towards conservative philosophy is beside the point. I’m exhausted by political bullshit, and Hillary, her political viewpoint aside, even though she seems to be picking and choosing from anything popular, seems to be the epitome of political bullshit. Just the fact of her picking and choosing among the smorgasbord of political popularity is enough to disqualify her, even ignoring her history of lying, and the ideology of the Clinton machine, she is a manufactured figure of political philosophy. She is a figure of expediency.

I believe in the Constitution, big time, and I would like to think that Ted Cruz’s endless presentation of Constitutional principals, is buyable, but my intuition tells me that he is another opportunist, tapping into a facet of the problem that true constitutionalists like me see as fundamental problem with the current America, I would like to hope that he means what he says, but everything about him tells me that he’s playing an expedient role that will get him what he wants. In short, I don’t buy his line. Plus, in less important terms, I can’t imagine listening to his nasal voice with his breathless finishes to sell sincerity for the next four years. In fact, the only way his presentation makes sense to me is if there is a hooker is under the podium.

As terrifying as it may be, the only way we avoid the obvious trendlines of the last 15 years, which as you may guess from my writing, ends in a huge crisis, is to let Trump kick over the tables and let the chips fall. Can I imagine what the outcome of such a risky position entails? Nope. But considering the alternatives, we need to find out.

Is American exceptionalism a real thing? It should be. To me that means that we need to make everything we need, and export the product of that superiority. If we, with all our skill and resources, can’t make what we need for every aspect of first world problems, then we have already lost.

If we can ignore what the rest of the world does in terms of what we think is important, then we can continue to be the greatest country in the world, and as the the centerpoint of the great democratic experiment, shouldn’t we accept that is the beginning of our value as an example to the world?