Ah, the Reality.

So, for the past four years, I’ve been chasing the bleeding edge of prototyping and design, particularly in drones. I assure you that I can not only build a drone for any purpose at this point, I could also write the software to make it do what you need.

Instead of finishing the Renewal story, which has been living in my head for far too long, I have been mastering a set of skills outside of writing. One could argue that writing is useless without real world experience to draw from, but one could equally argue that the experience is worthless without writing about it.

The truth is that any story I publish is a 90-day gamble. That’s how long it takes for a published ebook to start paying. I honestly haven’t managed to get ahead of that curve even once since I published the first segment of Renewal.

I have two problems. One is that 90 day gamble. That’s how long it takes for writing to start paying off via Amazon. The other is the short term income, which I need to just keep afloat. Needless to say, keeping the pirate ship afloat takes precedence over writing, which at best is that 90-day gamble. That’s my most lame excuse for how long it has taken me to publish the sequel.

For the past four years, the short term, keeping it afloat, has come in the form of building drones, or more recently, working for an amazingly talented boat designer. I have in mind to change that this year. Which means a number of things, the most important of which is enough time/financial slack to finish my Renewal story. The real world is a major impediment to whatever lives in my head. If you go to jpviz.com right now, you will see a test domain for devlinboat.com. ┬áDevlin builds truly great boats, and he has my respect. Unfortunately, we can’t all afford 6-figure boats. Very soon it will change to a domain for my short term income site, which is all based around the fact that I am a talented designer of things that can be laser cut, or CNC cut, even though I don’t have the tooling to do anything outside of laser cutting at the moment. The good news is that laser cutting is versatile and the results are very cool. The bad news is that it is not the end-all-be-all of versatility. My hope is that you would pay for something I can do. If I can do enough of that, I can pay for enough time time to write, and I can find enough time to finish the Renewal trilogy, and get on with the other stories I am anxious to write, most of which are literally yelling to get out of my head. Unfortunately, I can’t escape the practical realities…

So, for those of you still waiting, this serves as an explanation and a plea of sorts. Regardless, I thank you for for reading. It’s more than I ever hoped for.





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