To Hillary

To Hillary: You’re a criminal. The fact that people don’t generally understand this means that they either can’t use google, or they don’t bother. Hillary, you lie on a level that Satan himself would find impressive.

To Bernie: You seem to be a man of integrity, and I like you, but your polices are not American. Better than a clearly self serving criminal but way too risky for our future.

To Cruz: You may not be establishment in the sense that no one likes you, but your fake attempt at sincerity makes me think there is a hooker under the podium.

To Rubio: Go back to being a sincere child in the world of politics. It fits you better, and two terms from now will make you an obvious nominate.

To Kasich: Good for you, looking like an actual grownup in the monkey circus, but we are pissed, and you should be too.

To Trump: Yeah good job on tapping into our pissed off state, but we are waiting for something deeper and more detailed than slogans. Do your homework.

To the RNC: We don’t care about your platform, a conservative movement, or the establishment. We care about a government that works for us rather than the obvious fact that we are led by a pack of assholes who are more interested in accruing power and money to themselves than the long term health of the people they theoretically serve.

To the Democrats: WTF!?

To everyone: Let’s try owning up and asking for forgiveness.