I’m not saying it’s done, or that it will ever be “done,” but my new post-laser-cutter desk is up and running. I’m thankful for two things: One, not having that laser stare at me and telling me that I should make more use of it. And two, having a whole category of my life lopped off brutally, allowing me to focus on other things. If there’s a three, it’s about having a little financial slack to solve a few problems, thus clearing my endless mental list even further. I can thank my good friend Kevin for buying the laser, which is the best of both worlds. I can still get to it if I need it, but I freed up enough space in my overtaxed garage to create a decent space to write. These are, incidentally, the very first words written on my new desk. Yep, in classic Jim fashion, I built it myself. I like design, and building, and the problem solving that goes with it. Also,. in classic Jim fashion, a large portion of the thing is built from reclaimed material. In this case, our once-greenhouse is now incorporated into my desk. As my friend and master builder, Dan, says, “Never throw away plywood.”

The plywood in question came from cabinets in the potting room. I gave them a coat of hideous pale green paint a couple of years ago, you know, that thick paint that will happily cover anything from wood to spider egg sacks without hesitation, which I now get to remove laboriously with a fine tuned block plane and random orbital sander. All of which is now holding up a nice 1.5mm plywood veneer that, ironically, would have been effortless to cut with the aforementioned laser cutter, but I had to cut with more traditional methods. Hello again, router and plane and sander.

Anyhow, this desk is for two things. Writing and media production, mostly music. In a real way, this is a major backtrack for me. I’ve always built things, but the last five years has been intense in terms of high precision building. Lesson learned. I’m good at it, but Dan and Kevin are both better. Neither one of them can write or market or produce media, though. Back to what I do best, I guess.