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So, I spent a lot of time and effort on Old Dog Haven, and it was a complete waste. I can’t go into detail because those details may be wrapped into a legal battle – maybe. Suffice it to say that ODH is operating in a legally non-compliant manner. On the short end, it may come down to public money being contributed to a nonprofit run by one person rather than a legitimate Board of Directors. For most of its history, that person would be the founder, and more recently, by a woman far less qualified, although she apparently thinks she is eminently and flawlessly qualified. The entire history of ODH is based on the idea that the Board serves as a mindless rubber stamp to the Executive Director. This is wrong on so many levels that I wouldn’t bore you with the legal argument. On the long end, we may be looking at a serious misappropriation of public funds. In the middle of that spectrum, there is the simple moral expedient of the idea that a foster home may invest actual love into a dog, only to be subverted by an organization that thinks it’s okay to euthanize a dog without the involvement of the foster home in the decision process. As one of those foster homes, I can’t imagine how furious I would be if ODH decided my dog needed to be euthanized without at least telling me before the fact. It’s an unbelievable moral failure that is clearly easily justifiable to those with no larger view, but for those of us who love those dogs, is unthinkable.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get a working arrangement to tell a story that started with a man who managed to survive an episode of child abuse that would give you the shivers, and after an intense and lengthy recovery process, has managed to create a foundation to help other children recover from similar situations.¬† This guy is worthy for the hardest of reasons, and his cause is just. I want to tell his story for the same reason I want to tell the story of animals as victims of human beings. I’m not trying to compare human victimization with animal victimization, but it’s a very similar outcome. Children are easy victims for abuse, and so are dogs, both of whom are instinctually born to trust us with their well being. If we fail to honor that trust, we fail on the most fundamental level.

The definition of the story has changed based on my direct experience this year, but if you care about the story of injustices, please head over to my gofundme page to help tell the important stories, those that supersede fiction and drop into actual lives. Thanks!




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  1. I will truly never understand how people can be cruel to animals. Last year they shut down a shelter/animal sanctuary for dogs and cats. At first, it started with new county ordinances and compliance with shelter laws. They gave the woman time to get into compliance. She appealed a few times and managed to extend the whole process out over 2 years. Finally, the County animal control came out to pull her permit and start the process to close the place. What the found caused a small countywide uproar. Her home on the property was condemned due to animal hoarding. Animals were put down due to poor health. She was going to be charged for misappropriation of funds and donations but that case has not gone anywhere. Most animals have moved out to other shelters some found homes.

    • To be fair, ODH does a lot of good. They just don’t necessarily do it according to the broader rules of nonprofit legal practices. As far as the animals go, ODH generally gives them a good end of life. AS far as foster, donors, and volunteers go, it’s a mess. Animal hoarders are an interesting subset, and are always newsworthy here as well. I’d like to follow that as a story, but the only way I can think to do it is to contact every law enforcement agency in the state and just wait for an animal hoarder case to be found. Thanks, Joe!

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