Watching the World

Hey, it’s crazy out there.

It’s really easy to buy into any ideology that crosses your radar, and it’s really easy to dream up a story that either supports or opposes that ideology. By story, I mean two things. The first is the all important framework that allows any of us to live our lives, and the second is a literal story, a piece of fiction that takes any philosophy to its pointed extreme.

We need an ideology to live. Frankly, trying to take everything into account can only lead to a breakdown of motivation. Am I right, Am I wrong? You tell me.

Part of the trick is simple memory. You can take any public voice and find an example of a polarizing flip in some version of their public stance. If you are paying attention and approach it with a particular flavor of cynicism, you will find some form of reversal on rhetoric. The sum total of this observation is ultimately cynical. The takeaway is that no one operates with integrity. In other words, no one puts their own personal philosophy ahead of the expediency of victory.

What is victory? Who knows? If you are conservative, you may have fairly solid ideas of what constitutes correctness. If you are on the left, you may also have fairly solid idea of what constitutes correctness.

In full disclosure, I’m more conservative than not. How do I define that? One is that I’m conservative enough to have been the subject of soft censorship. Two is that I have no problem with people living the lives they want to live. I don’t care if you are gay, trans, or any color as long as you are not using those categories to take something from other groups and categories. Three is that I have no problem with immigrants who are willing to assimilate and work hard for success. In short , I believe in an American outcome.

The melting pot is one of the pillars of American success. To be anti-immigrant would be anti-myself. In the big picture, I’m an American exceptionalist. If you come here from anywhere on the globe, and are willing to push your children into the American concept, more power to you. If you are you are here to colonize your culture into an island within our system, then you are a problem. And by problem, I may mean enemy.

Also by conservative, I think that 22 trillion dollars in debt means that we are selling our future. The entire conversation these days is about how we can extract money from wealthy people to somehow cover this debt. In a capitalist system that has already proven its value in terms of how to raise people from poverty, taking aim at capitalism is a fools errand. Socialism, as the alternative of the moment, is far bigger fools errand. You can split it a million ways and the end result is the same. Socialism does not lead to an incentivization of progress or growth.

In the libertarian sphere, one could make a number of arguments, and many of those arguments would be well aligned with constitutional principles. To even propose an argument along these lines begs the question of the validity of a constitutional argument. The real difficulty in these arguments is that we abandoned constitutional principles a long time ago. In strict constitutional terms, what have we already abandoned?

Maybe the real argument is the validity of the thinkers who framed the Constitution. You could think of think of them as men who anticipated all the challenges that we could propose. You could just as easily argue that they were men, which is a limiting factor in 2019, who could not possibly anticipate the power of Twitter, which has more than proven itself to be compromised platform.

How do we separate ourselves from the monetary version from the constitutional framework that created our success in the first place? Unless you can point to a framework document that created more success than our Constitution, perhaps the thought that went into America is a pretty good definition of success.

Yet, the number of voices that are involved in subverting the principles of a proven model of success are myriad, loud, and in your face. Before they define your reality, perhaps you should push back and say that freedom of speech matters. The last thing we want is for speech to be so curtailed that the speakers decide that violence is the only recourse.

Are you the one who thinks it’s worthwhile to go to arms over your neighbors?

If I’m hard in my evaluation, such a conflict would put me hundreds of miles behind enemy lines. Everything I have here would need to be abandoned for simple survival and escape. Do I think that’s worthwhile? Absolutely not. We all want the same thing. A life of success and freedom, and a chance at the American dream. Can we define that life? It’s a question remained to be answered by poisoned questions.

America is about freedom and independence. If we lose sight of that, we all lose. Tell me how that works for you.