DLIM Project

If you’ve managed to read your way through the Animals Page, I thank you. This is where I outline the plan to support animal rescue and support groups.

Let’s start at the top. There are three legs to the project. The first is a series of videos giving good information about the world of animal rescue. Collectively, I call it Dogs Live in Moments. The second is a long form documentary that I have been working on for over two years now, about the relationship between humans and dogs. Its working title is Hand and Paw. The third is a full-fledged publishing company to gather the writers, photographers, and illustrators of animal advocacy into a company that serves the purpose of supporting animal rescue. A significant portion of the profits will be donated to worthwhile animal nonprofits.

The series is designed as a YouTube project and will happily live there as long as YouTube remains viable for a “safe” subject such as animal advocacy.

The documentary is intended to be produced at a quality level that allows it to work on the Indie film circuit and possibly for broader distribution. The quality is key.

The publishing company is designed to serve a niche market of animal advocates and a hidden army of people who have valuable art to express in support of our animal friends.

Where it stands… I have managed to gather two years of dog event footage and photography. I have focused on the particular skill of shooting dog footage, and have neglected the footage of the expertise of dog supporters – in other words, high quality interview footage.

High quality interview footage demands a certain kind of camera, lighting, and sound recording. On top of those demands, I need to accommodate the Pacific Northwest weather – dark, cloudy, and wet. On a dry, sunny day with no real audio demands, I’m equipped. In general production terms, I’m not there yet. Dry, sunny days are rare in my region for most of the year.

To back up a long way, I owned a video and animation production company in the 90’s. I know how to use video to share information and to tell a story. Back then, the entire quality goal was broadcast television and it cost a fortune to meet that standard. Nowadays, you with your smartphone and good software, you can exceed our wildest dreams from back then. That easy access to quality doesn’t equate to good video. It’s still about leading an audience into a story that matters.

On the YouTube front, it’s not about simple advocacy. There are thousands of videos to tug your heartstrings over animals that need help. It’s about useful information. How do I…? It’s about practical answers to animal issues.

On the documentary front, it’s about exploring the larger ideas about the relationship between humans and our animals.

Why tackle them both in concert? Efficiency. The same footage applies to an ongoing series of video and a long form documentary.

The same rule applies to a publishing company. The people who are good at creating are not necessarily good at the nuts and bolts of getting their creations out into the world. To combine the various flavors of expertise makes more sense than a lot of people trying to tackle the entire problem.

If there’s a fourth leg to the overall mission, it’s to help animal groups with various technical communication issues. It falls under the “Picture is worth a thousand words” category. I’d like to develop training material for all those rescues, shelters, and fosters out there trying to show the true value of the animal under their care.

Why am I doing it? There are north of 7 million homeless domestic animals in this country alone, and if I can lower that number, it’s worth the effort.

I need your support to finish the toolset for accomplishing the goal. Please see the support page to find out how to help. Thank you.