Renewal 5 is available on Amazon

I just finished putting Renewal 5 up, and my new friend, Elizabeth, pointed out some pretty obvious errors. Thanks, Liz! I fixed the really glaring problems and put it up again. It’s tremendously nice to have a wife who is a great editor and spotter of my mistakes, but I’m also finding it’s great to have others looking as well. I’ll just try to keep it between the fenceposts.

Renewal is Available on Amazon

The story is based on irritation, namely the irritation I felt when I saw a perfectly good farm field way out in the sticks of Coffee County, TN that had been filled with brand new houses. You know the houses, shiny and new, but built to stand for maybe fifty years before they would need major work. They’re always crammed so closely together that any pretense of rural life would be destroyed when your neighbor accidentally walked out of your master bath.. What a waste of good land. This was during the time when the real estate market was so hot that you could set up an orderly row of cardboard boxes and sell them as housing. I’m sure it was just some farmer’s kids trying to cash in on the balloon.

In any case, that was the point when I decided that someday there would be engineers whose sole purpose would be to recover farmland from underneath unwanted and impractical developments. The problem was that it took me years to turn that into a story. At long last, here it is for all you ebook readers out there.