The Plot Thickens

I received an email from a person who has no legal standing with Old Dog Haven late this afternoon.

Please get the computers listed in the attached invoices ready to hand over to Jennifer.
She will bring them to the board meeting on Monday
Leave the software and all ODH material and data intact but remove your personal data.

The part about the data made me realize that I could have been making faulty assumptions. I was assuming that what I had encountered at ODH was the result of incompetence mixed with a certain blend of craziness, Founder’s Syndrome run amok. After all, the legal basis for a nonprofit supersedes the personal feelings of those involved, whether they like it or not. After this email, I shuffled through what I know, and I realized that maybe the reason for the behavior I have seen is not simple incompetence, but a deliberate attempt to cover malfeasance, perhaps misappropriation of funds. As a former Board President, it’s easy to conclude that I gave up my right to drive the organization, but the fact is that I freed myself to take steps that would have been risky if I were still legally accountable. I’d much rather assume that the people who started my beloved dog rescue played it straight, and maybe they did, but the deliberate cover up is a better explanation for what I’ve seen than sheer insanity. I know for a fact that the founders are smart people, but it could be that they outsmarted themselves with a little bit of sleight of hand.

The moral dilemma remains. What I know and can prove could cause the entire organization to implode and disappear, and that will leave a lot of dogs without the care they need. Dogs or principles? Hard choice. I’m open to opinion.