I Asked

So, some notes… I’ve started a push that has become very important to me. That push is about animal rescue. Please jump in and support it. If all you do is swing by my Dogs Live in Moments YouTube channel and hit the Subscribe button, you are helping more than you know. In a world in which we struggle with culture, politics, free speech, the very concept of this country, why animal rescue? Surely we have more important issues to resolve. Yes, we do.

Since I wrote the original version of Renewal back in 2011, I’ve asked the same basic questions periodically. Question 1 is what is the overall concept of America? Question 2 is what you would do if you had total control of this country for a single month, and nothing you enact could be reversed for ten years.

What I’ve learned from asking these questions is that everyone has a particular issue that supersedes all the other issues. For each of us, there is some solution to our particular perception of the problem. What I try to do is to build an overarching map to the entire pattern of the America of today. Where does it work? Where is it broken? Where are we going, given the trendlines of all the relevant patterns in today’s America?

Between you and me, I have a very accurate six month prognostication map that has held for many years, but if you take the trends over a long period of time, I’m as surprised by where we find ourselves as anyone else. The completely polarized environment we see today is not surprising, but the detailed form of it is surprising.

So, who am I, in political terms? This matters because if you know the answer, you will either think of me as a hero, or a white supremacist Nazi. There is no middle ground. I’m no one. There have been times when I voted Democrat, and times when I voted Republican. I have never registered in either direction. In 2008, I voted Obama, because he had the historical opportunity to fix a lot of what was wrong with this country. By 2012, it was clear that he was going to waste his opportunity. At any given point in history, one side has better answers than the other. If I were to identify as anything, it would be an annoying Libertarian, small government, social liberal, fiscal conservative. That’s a mouthful of nothing in 2019 terms. Why? Because if you are not purely representing an ideology, you are evil. Add to that the leftist idea that as a white, middle aged man, I’m automatically evil, which is a stupid tactic for everyone from Kamala Harris to Antifa.

Here’s a shortlist of how I fail in 2019. I believe in a higher power. I believe in something that exists beyond the ken of our human understanding. Call it whatever you want. It’s a higher power. Anyone who believes we are the pinnacle of the universe is a moron with nothing but their own navel in sight. I believe that we are not the the cornerstone of climate change. After looking at the science, and the deeper science, there is not an interpretation that makes me think that we can fix it, no matter how much money we spend. In other words, change is the only constant. Who we are today is the straightforward result of about 2 million years of adapting to the environment. The good news is that we are the proven most adaptable species on the planet, and we will deal with it.

I believe that the leftist arguments currently make no sense whatsoever. This hasn’t always been the case, but it is right now. I can’t support their arguments, and therefore I oppose them. We live in a complex world, and an effective manipulation of the presentation of that world is always available. Who manipulates that presentation for a result makes more sense to me? It ain’t the left. If the left starts to make sense again, I’m the person who will give their points value.

Meanwhile, we have the outrageous result of the attack on a journalist in Portland by Antifa, in which the mayor of Portland effectively tries to blame the victim, while also effectively supporting the domestic terrorism of Antifa. How he can justify this result is entirely beyond me. Does anyone want an America that justifies violence against free speech? If you are smart, you will say no, because that is a slippery slope argument, and the very nature of slippery slope arguments is that it can be turned in either direction at any time. Add to that the fact that the journalist in question is the exact kind of person who should be protected by the same people who attacked him, and it has become a self-defeating argument for those who gave him a brain bleed. Will he recover from his attack by Antifa, supported by the mayor of Portland? No. The damage is done, and Ted Wheeler is to blame.

Bizarrely enough, I have no problem with a leftist point of view, as long as it doesn’t actively suppress opposing points of view. Or lies in boldfaced fashion…

Meanwhile, we have an entire contingent of left-leaning titans of social media trying to stack the deck against opposing thought and speech. There are armies of hard working content creators trying to deal with one-sided censorship that flows beyond the platforms of social media into the banking apparatus underneath. Imagine a world in which a bank can oppose your point of view, and kills your accounts entirely on political reasons. Suddenly, you can’t function in today’s world. We have arrived at that point. It’s actually happening.

I suggest that you fight it tooth and nail, because your own views, whatever they may be, can fall out of favor with no notice, and you will find yourself cut off from a cashless society.

All that scary stuff said, let’s go back to the basic questions. American is about liberty and independence. You should be able to live your life the way you see fit. That is the core of the American experiment. Ask yourself how the political apparatus is trying to stop you from doing that very thing. How is the system hindering you?

As for the second question, I think it comes down to two things. One is term limits. There was nothing in the founding fathers’ writing to suggest that a person should be able to spend a life as a disconnected politician. Two is the simple idea that Congress should not pass laws that apply to themselves differently than they apply to every American citizen. Is anyone else annoyed that congress critters can serve one term and basically have their lifetime ticket punched? The simple idea that this is the case means that they are entirely separated from the concerns of normal Americans, who fight for wages, healthcare, and quality of life for their entire lives. Shouldn’t they be held to a standard of improvement for Americans at large?

As it stands, the simple act of being elected to Congress is an active separation from the concerns of the rest of us. This is not the only way to create that separation, but it is a guaranteed separation. Get elected and a whole slew of normal problems are covered for life. If the fundamental concept is the human capacity for adaptation, then just reaching this point means that Congress is no longer capable of thinking on those terms. Our terms. Evidence to support this concept appears every damn day.

Finally, respect must be earned. Earned through honestly, and a proved record working for us average Americans who have no PAC or army of lobbyists. If you are elected and can’t meet this fundamental standard, your time is running out. Given the Congressional approval numbers, your time is running out.