Decay – Free Preview

Decay is nearing completion. To celebrate that long awaited goal, and hopefully to stir your excitement, I’m releasing a free preview of the novel. Please feel free to distribute it as you see fit.

You can read it right here on the site. Or, you can grab it as a pdf. (right-click and save to grab a copy) If you are comfortable with sideloading content onto your Kindle, it’s also available in Kindle format.

Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

Print Version of Renewal

I have put a considerable amount of time and work into this decision, and I’m sorry to say that printed copies will have to wait. There are two main reasons. The first is that I can’t make the numbers work into a price that I’m comfortable asking for a trade paperback of Renewal. The second and more important reason is that I’m behind my own schedule on releasing Decay and the ebook novel version of Renewal. I think I would rather use my time to get those out that to spend a week formatting a novel for print. Perhaps some of you would agree…

Thanks to all of you who gave me your thoughts and support on the printing idea. I’m sure I’ll get to it before too long.


Renewal in Print

Two posts in one day. Amazing.

So, my wife and I were talking about possibilities for getting the full-novel version of Renewal printed. We’re collecting numbers from various printers. No promises here, but I would like to know if there is any interest in a trade paperback printing of Renewal in its new, expanded form. Please let me know. Thanks.


Renewal 10 is Live on Amazon

I’m a little late with this update. Most of you already know. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in Decay. A weak excuse, but it’s more fun to write than it is to promote the writing. I have not put Renewal 10 up on B&N yet. It’s hard to get motivated when nothing is happening over yonder. Anyway, I just got the official email notice from Amazon that everything is hooked into the system. It’s fully live! Thank you for all the support.