Information Bundling

It is a momentus day! I could be referring to any number of overblown slices of the 24-hour news cycle, or the fact that my favorite non-profit, Old Dog Haven, is having their “GiveBig” fundraiser today. I could be referring to the weather, which is actually nice here in Olympia even though we are still weeks away from July 4th, the day the giant switch in the sky flips to Summer.

But no, after 30 years of being a quasi-adult without a job title that could be related without at least a paragraph or a lengthy bulleted list, I finally figured out what I do. Even for the business card I never get printed because I could never decide what I should put on it, this is huge! I finally realized a term that can encompass all of it. Sure, the fact that it’s a meaningless term without some followup explanation could dampen my joy, but it doesn’t. Just having a mental box with an inscrutable label scrawled across the front is enough.

What I do, no matter what I’m doing, is information bundling. Whew! There… I said it.

Even if that leaves me with the two awkward options for titles, “Information Bundler” or “Bundler of Information,” it’s still way better than my usual response when someone asks me what I do. I usually say, “It depends on the day of the week. What is today anyway?”

I had this grand realization while writing to an executive at a sewing machine company, trying to explain why I am qualified to present certain information to certain people, especially given the fact that I barely know how to sew. I’m grunting my way through it, choosing my words far more carefully than I normally do, and it hits me. Wham! Out of nowhere.

Information bundling. It’s what I do. It covers a decade of purposeful¬†writing, any form of 30-years of imagery and illustration, any form of design for any resulting process, it covers a solid decade of nothing but video production and marketing, it covers programming, and it even covers audio and music. Right up to the point where the tool meets the project, it covers every form of building and crafting. These days, even watching the news is a form of my apparently untreated data disease, since you can’t take anyone’s word for anything approaching objective reality.

What a relief! I’d better design those business cards now.