The Biz

First, an update… I’m probably spreading myself a little thin. I’m literally working on all three novels in the Renewal series right now. There’s novel 2, Decay, which is my main priority until it is released. There’s novel 3, Promise, which is most likely the final chapter of the Breakdown story, and there is the novelization of the Renewal series.

I’m open to feedback on what is important to you, but I’m working on the assumption that continuing the story is more important than repacking and extending the series that you have all paid good money to read. Tell me what you think.

The second big question is what to charge for a novel length work. I’ve solicited some opinions already, but I’m looking for a consensus on what you, my core readers, believe is a fair price for a full novel-length version of a Renewal story. Just for reference, Decay is running about 60,000 words longer than the entire Renewal series. Please let me know.

Next up is my sincere thanks for everyone who takes the time to review on Amazon. Based on the numbers alone, reviews are the lifeblood of success on Amazon ebooks. I saw a new review this morning, from Dan, who wrote the first Amazon review for Renewal. I can’t really express my gratitude for that initial review, but I can tell you that one review made the difference between 24 sales in two months and 30 sales in a single day. Every review makes a difference on Amazon, and I just want to say that I notice and appreciate every one of them. I pay attention to all the feedback. As I’ve mentioned, I treat this whole process as a learning experience, and everything you say feeds into making me into a better writer. That is priceless to me.

Now, for the downside… There is another entire platform out there, known as Barnes & Noble. My wife and I are Nook readers. My basic take is that the Nook hardware is better, but the Kindle system is much better as a whole. That appears to be changing with the release of the Kindle Fire, which among other attributes, excites the possibility for illustrated work. (My “official” career, such as it is, has been in digital art for the last 25 years, which naturally lends itself to concepts for children’s books).

At any rate, if you do a search for Renewal on B&N, you might find me at the end of a very long list of books. I’ve been told that reviews contribute to search ranking, but not as much as sales. Compared to Amazon, there are no sales to boost my ranking on the B&N, so I live at the end of a long search result, and the outcome is predictable. I can’t ask you to buy a B&N copy of my books, obviously, but I would ask that you help me out on the B&N side of the aisle. If you have the ability to do so, please post a review on B&N to help kickstart the sales on the Nook system. If not, please search out your Nook friends, weird as they may be, and point them in my direction. A search for “JF Perkins” – Totally unknown author, will work just fine.

I’m not particularly motivated by money, but I am motivated by the freedom to spend my time writing, and every sale makes it easier to do exactly that. I do love it, and I would be very happy to spend the rest of my working life telling stories with the written word. Any help is vastly appreciated.

Thanks again to all of you, and please let me know your thoughts.